Percentage of the colon with dense polyps is decreased in RAP-treated mice.

<p>A.) Gross appearance of colon tissue in <i>CDX2P-CreER<sup>T2</sup> Apc<sup>fl/fl</sup></i> mice with TAM-induced <i>Apc</i> mutation-dependent polyposis plus vehicle treatment for 7 weeks or RAP treatment for 7 and 20 weeks. Note distal colorectal mucosal thickening and visible polyps in tissue from mouse with TAM-induced polyposis treated only with vehicle. Individual polyps are indicated by black arrows. The areas of most dense polyps are indicated by brackets. B.) Mice were monitored and euthanized when ill. The percentage of the distal colon covered with dense polyps at the time of death was found to be significantly lower in the mice receiving RAP (4.3 +/− 2 vs 56.5 +/− 10.8 percent, *p = 0.001, N = 6).</p>