Peptide and POPC bilayer properties resulting from membrane-inserted WT and mutant A<i>β</i><sub>42</sub>.

2013-11-07T03:27:15Z (GMT) by Chetan Poojari Birgit Strodel
<p>Provided are the hydropathy index of WT and mutant A<i>β</i><sub>42</sub> using the hydropathy scale of Kyte and Doolittle <a href="" target="_blank">[78]</a>, time-averaged values for the number of transmembrane residues in <i>β</i> conformation per peptide, the area per lipid headgroup in the top and bottom leaflet, the P–P bilayer thickness (each quantity with standard deviation), and the number of water molecules passing through the POPC bilayer.</p>†<p>The bilayer values for the peptide-free bilayer are taken from a 100 ns MD simulation of a POPC-only bilayer <a href="" target="_blank">[49]</a>.</p>