Pectoral girdle and forelimb elements of Mochlodon vorosi n. sp. from the Upper Cretaceous Csehbánya Formation, Iharkút, western Hungary.

A, left coracoid (MTM V 01.53.) in lateral, B, medial, C, caudal views; D, left scapula (MTM 2012.22.1) in lateral, E, ventral, F, medial views; G, right humerus (MTM V 2010.128.1.) in proximal, H, caudal, I, lateral, J, cranial, K, medial views; L, right ulna (MTM 2012.24.1) in cranial, M, lateral, N, medial, O, proximal views. Anatomical abbreviations: acr, acromion process; cofo, coracoid foramen; dpc, deltopectoral crest; gl, glenoid; hc, humeral condyle; ole, olecranon process; rac, radial condyle; rf, facet for radius; scb, scapular blade; stfa, articular surface for sternum; ulc, ulnar condyle.