Participation of nPKC and PKD1 in the feedback monomerization of the EGFR.

<p>(A) Time traces of diffusion coefficient of EGFR<sup>wt</sup> in the presence of the PKC activator PMA (upper) or under nominally Ca<sup>2+</sup>-free conditions (lower panel). In red, the time trace of cytosolic Ca<sup>2+</sup> concentration monitored with Fura Red is shown. (B) Time traces of diffusion coefficient of eGFP-EGFR<sup>wt</sup> in the cell coexpressing constitutively active mutant, mCherry-PKD1<sup>S738/742E</sup> (upper), in the cell pre-treated with 10 μM CID755673, PKD1 inhibitor (middle), or in the cell coexpressing kinase deficient mutant, mCherry-PKD1<sup>K612W</sup> (lower panel).</p>