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Paracoccidioides - Figure 1 Species Complex: Ecology, Phylogeny, Sexual Reproduction, and Virulence

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posted on 30.10.2014 by Marcus M. Teixeira, Raquel C. Theodoro, Gustavo Nino-Vega, Eduardo Bagagli, Maria S. S. Felipe

(A) Median-joining haplotypic network distribution of the Paracoccidioides genus and L. loboi based on the gp43 marker. The size of the circumference is proportional to the haplotype frequency, and colors vary according to the sampling location of each haplotype. Red dots (median vectors) are hypothetical missing intermediates, and black dots represent each mutation site. (B) Schematic representation of serum/antigen compatibility among patients and isolates from Mato Grosso and São Paulo used in serological tests. The illustration shows the low immunogenic specificity when serum and antigenic pool from different states are reacted [41].