PUNS-M stimulates BOLD contrast signals in somatosensory detection and discrimination networks.

<p>Grand average fMRI BOLD responses obtained from five subjects in response to left finger (<i>red-yellow</i> LUT) and right finger (<i>blue</i>-<i>green</i> LUT) stimulation with PUNS-M waveforms (L  =  Left, R  =  right). Anatomical areas shown were significantly activated (p<0.001). The <i>yellow</i> numbers correspond to MNI slices in respective views while <i>white</i> labels indicate anatomical regions abbreviated as follows: SMg  =  supramarginal gyrus; S1  =  primary somatosensory cortex; Op  =  parietal operculum; Th  =  thalamus; aMCC  =  anterior middle cingulate cortex; Put  =  putamen; SMA  =  supplementary motor area; In  =  Insula; Cdt  =  Caudate.</p>