PTPLA mutation in the initial confirmation panel of CNM dogs.

(A) Wild-type (wt = 610 bp) and PTPLAcnm (cnm = wt+238 bp) alleles in a healthy carrier (FR-1) and an affected (FR-2) Labrador from the French experimental pedigree. (B) Segregation of the PTPLAcnm allele in a four-generation pedigree of a client-owned US proband female (arrow). (C) Genotypes of client-owned Labradors from several countries, diagnosed with CNM-related myopathies (asterisks; Table S1). US-6 is a champion known to have produced CNM pups; DE-5 is a control affected by a neuropathy and FR-2 was reloaded for size comparison.



CC BY 4.0