PEDOT-PSS silk thread observation with a conventional microscope and a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

A. Macroscopic image of pristine silk thread (left) and PEDOT-PSS combined silk thread (right). B. C. Cross-section of pristine silk (B) and PEDOT-PSS silk thread (C) observed with a transmitted light optical microscope (scale bar 50 µm). D–F. Scanning electron micrograph of pristine silk (D) and PEDOT-PSS silk thread (E, Higher magnification view F). Arrows indicate fine filaments of silk fiber (D) coated with PEDOT-PSS (E). Arrowheads indicate PEDOT-PSS webbing between silk fibers. (F, Scale bar 20 µm). Pristine silk shows charge up and has a blurred image because of its insulation properties (D).