PB induces reciprocal changes in AMPK activation and miR-122 down-regulation. A

and C, Male C3H/HeN mice were treated with PB (100 mg/kg, ip.) and sacrificed times as indicated. B and D, HepG2 cells were treated with 1 mM PB for times as indicated. Activated AMPK protein levels in the post mitochondrial fraction of the liver (A) and total cell lysate (B) were determined by Western blot analysis using phospho-AMPKα (Thr 172) specific antibody. The blot was sequentially probed with the AMPKα antibody. The closed arrow heads indicate phospho-AMPKα (P-AMPKα)- and total AMPKα-derived bands. Densitometric data from phospho-AMPKα were normalized by total AMPKα and a relative increase is shown. Total RNA samples from mouse liver (C) and HepG2 cells (D) were subjected to quantitative RT-PCR using a TaqMan probe for mouse (mmu-) and human (hsa-) miR-122, respectively. Data were normalized with the respective U6 snRNA. Data represented are the % of the control group (n = 3). *, p<0.05.