PBP-mediated responses of PxylOR1/PxylOrco <i>Xenopus</i> oocytes.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Inward current responses of PxylOR1/PxylOrco <i>Xenopus</i> oocytes in response to 10<sup>−5</sup> M of Z11-16: Ald solubilized by DMSO, 1XRinger, or each of three PxylPBPs, respectively. (<b>B</b>) Response profile of PxylOR1/PxylOrco <i>Xenopus</i> oocytes. Error bars indicate SEM (<i>n = </i>5). Statistical comparison of responses of oocytes was assessed using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). (<b>C</b>) Dose–response profile of PxylOR1/PxylOR2<i>Xenopus</i> oocytes upon stimulation with different Z11-16: Ald concentrations solubilized by DMSO (n = 5), 1 µM PxylPBP1 (n = 4) and 1 µM PxylPBP3 (n = 4), respectively. Responses are normalized by defining the maximal response as 100%. Error bar indicates SEM.</p>