<i>Nxf1<sup>CAST</sup></i> does not suppress mRNA deficit in <i>Atrn<sup>mgL</sup></i>.

<p>(A) Scale diagram of the mouse <i>Atrn</i> locus indicates the location and approximate size of the IAP insertion in <i>mg<sup>L</sup></i> allele and the Northern blot probe. (B) Northern blot analysis of brain poly(A)<sup>+</sup> RNA (5 µg per lane) from non-mutant and mutant littermates shows reduced level of full-length <i>Atrn</i> mRNA in <i>mg<sup>L</sup></i> animals, independent of <i>Nxf1</i> allele (B for C57BL/6, C for CAST/Ei). (C, D) Quantitative PCR (TaqMan) data shows nominal reduction in the abundance of spliced 5′ sequences, but ∼6-fold reduction of 3′ sequences, consistent with alternative splicing and 3′ end formation in the insertion, with no difference between <i>Nxf1</i> genotypes. Error bars indicate standard deviation.</p>



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