Northern blots and sequences of sRNAs (A: EF3314_EF335, B: EF0820_EF0821, C: EFA0080_EFA0081, D: EF1368_EF1369, E: EF0408_EF0409, F: EF0605_EF0606, G: EF1097_EF1098, H: EF0869_EF0870, I: EF0136_EF0137, J: EFB0062_EFB0063 and K: EF2205_EF2206).

<p>RNA was isolated from cells at exponential (Expo) and stationary (Stat) phases. Northern blot analyses were performed using α<sup>32</sup>P-labelled probes. Arrows on Northern blot picture indicate the sRNAs corresponding bands. The transcriptional start sites and terminators of sRNAs were determined by 5′ RACE and 3′ RACE or by <i>in silico</i> analysis using TransTerm software. The putative −10 and/or −35 promoter sequences are underlined, and the sRNA sequence is written in red letters. Putative 3′-ends of EF3314_EF335 sRNA (panel A) is indicated by stars (*). The 3′-end of the sequenceof EF0136_EF0137 (panel I) mentioned here corresponds to the 3′-end of the tiling array probe. Black arrows in the sequence indicate the predicted terminators. The <i>fst</i> gene is written in blue letters and direct repeats “a” and “b” (DRa and DRb) of <i>par</i> system are blue and green boxed, respectively (panels C, E, and J).</p>