Non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) analysis for variation in methylation epigenotypes.

Non-metric multidimensional scaling representing the variation in methylation epigenotypes between samples. The dynamic pattern of epigenetic divergence among the 0, 0.5, 3, 12 and 24 h in 23°C, 4°C and -4°C treatments based on presence (1) ⁄ absence (0) scores of 16 polymorphic methylation-sensitive amplified fragment-length polymorphism (MS-AFLP) markers. The first two components of the NMDS analysis are extracted and plotted against each other; the small symbols are individual plants (n = 5), while the large symbols with the cross indicate the mean ± SD of the treatment group. (A) At 4°C for 0–24 h. (B) At -4°C for 0–24 h. R2 values represent the proportion of the variance that is explained by the first two components. Axis 1 explains the majority of the total variation in both (A) and (B).