Network visualization of the query genes and their involvement in other tumor types.

a) Network built on aging and cancer genes. Labeled nodes belong to both gene lists. Square nodes represent cancer genes while diamonds represent aging genes. b) Deregulation of the network genes in lung (represented by down arrows) and ovarian cancer (represented by up arrows). The height and width of the nodes are proportional to the number of studies where the genes are deregulated. Node transparency corresponds to overall number of studies where the gene is deregulated. c) Network integrating chemical compounds targeting the query genes. Hexagonal nodes represent drugs. The names of the drugs interacting with the shared genes are shown. C: cancer genes, A: aging genes, D: drugs. C1, A1: genes interacting with shared ones, C2, A2: genes not interacting with the shared ones. D1: drugs targeting only aging genes, D2: drugs targeting both aging and cancer genes, D3: drugs targeting only cancer genes. Node colors represent GO categories as per legend. Edges are colored to differentiate inter- and intra-group interactions.