NaHS and sulfhydryl modifiers impacted NaHS-induced cardiac function.

A: NaHS (100 µmol/L) depressed LV ± dp/dtmax and ΔLVP significantly as compared with the control. **P<0.01 vs. control. B: NaHS (100 µmol/L) could not change LV ± dp/dtmax and ΔLVP in the presence of DM perfusion. *P<0.05 vs. control, #P<0.05 vs. DM. C: NaHS (100 µmol/L) could depress LV ± dp/dtmax and ΔLVP in the presence of DTT. **P<0.01 vs. DTT group. D and E: There were no significant differences in the change in the ventricular ±dp/dtmax and ΔLVP between the perfusate with and without NaHS following nifedipine perfusion (P>0.05). The gray line stands for the experiment protocol “K-H +Nifei+K-H”, and the black line stands for the experimental protocol “K-H +Nifei+NaHS”. **P<0.01 vs control group. ##P<0.01 vs. nifedipine group.