NSCL/P patterns of co-expression are associated with DNA repair, and suggest E2F1 as a regulator.

<p>(A) Supervised similarity cluster based on <i>BRCA1</i> expression (avg. homogeneity = 0.974). Transcription factor binding sites significantly over-represented in the cluster are marked in grey, for each motif identified (Bonferroni-adjusted p-value <0.05). (B) GO attributes enriched in the similarity cluster and their respective representation among the 30 clustered genes, expressed in percentages ([*] Bootstrap-adjusted p-values = 0.001, raw p-values were used in the chart). (C) Analysis of transcription factor-gene interactions. ChIP-chip data from FANTOM4 were used to validate the interaction between E2F1 and 23 out of the 30 genes of the similarity cluster. The thickness of the arrows indicates how often the interaction has been experimentally detected; node colours represent the level of expression in the cell lines used to assemble the database, from low (light) to high (dark).</p>