NF-κB p65 activation was induced by HKCA and inhibited by dectin-1 neutralizing antibody and NF-κB activation inhibitor quinazoline (NF-κB-I) in HCECs.

A. HCECs were exposed to HKCA (106 cells/ml) with prior incubation in the absence or presence of isotype IgG (10μg/ml), dectin-1 neutralizing Ab (10μg/ml), BAY11-7082 (10μM) or NF-κB activation inhibitor quinazoline (NF-κB-I, 10μM) for 1 h. HCECs were treated with 106 cells/ml HKCA for 48 hours in 8-chamber slides and examined by immunofluorescent staining for PGLYRPs 2–4. B. HCECs were treated for 4 hours in 8-chamber slides and were fixed in acetone for immunofluroscent staining total p65 (nuclear translocation) (green). C. The percentages of positive cells of PGLYRPs 2–4 staining in HCECs in A was quantified. D. The percentages of NF-ĸB p65 nuclear staining positive cells in B was quantified. Images are representatives from three independent experiments. Results shown are the mean ± SD of four independent experiments; *** p<0.001, as compared with normal control; ^^ p<0.005, ^^^ p<0.001, as compared with HCECs exposed to HKCA. Magnification: 400Х (bar = 25μm).