NCBE is expressed in bipolar cells and amacrine cells.

<p><b><i>A,</i></b> NCBE (green) is expressed in axon terminals (arrowheads) and somata (arrows) of type 1 and/or 2 OFF bipolar cells, labeled with NK3R (magenta). <b><i>B,</i></b> HCN4-labeled type 3A OFF bipolar cells (magenta) showed NCBE (green) distributed on dendrites (arrows) and axon terminals (arrowheads). <b><i>C, D,</i></b> PKARIIβ-labeled type 3B OFF bipolar cells (<b><i>C</i></b>, magenta) and CSEN-labeled type 4 OFF bipolar cells (<b><i>D</i></b>, magenta) with NCBE (green). Only proximal (arrows) but not distal dendrites (arrowheads) of type 3B OFF bipolar cells showed NCBE expression (<b><i>C</i></b>). Dendrites (arrows) and somata (arrowheads) of CSEN-labeled type 4 OFF bipolar cells were also positive for NCBE (<b><i>D</i></b>). <b><i>E,</i></b> Gα0-labeled dendrites (magenta, arrows) of ON bipolar cells did not show NCBE expression (green). However, some ON bipolar cell somata (arrowheads) were NCBE-positive. <b><i>F, G,</i></b> PKCα-labeled rod bipolar cells dendrites (magenta) showed no NCBE expression (<b>F</b>, green, arrows), whereas axon terminals strongly express NCBE (<b><i>G</i></b>, arrows). <b><i>H,</i></b> ZNP-1-labeled axon terminals (magenta) of type 6 ON bipolar cells showed NCBE expression (green, arrows). <b><i>I, J,</i></b> Retinal sections of NCBE WT mice were stained for NCBE (<b><i>I, J</i></b>, green) and ChAT (<b><i>J</i></b><i>,</i> magenta). Merging the NCBE channel (<b><i>I</i></b>) with the ChAT channel (<b><i>J</i></b>) revealed that somata (arrows) and dendrites (arrowheads) of ChAT-labeled starburst amacrine cells express NCBE. <b><i>K, L,</i></b> NCBE- (<b><i>K, L</i></b><i>,</i> green) and calretinin-labeled retinal sections (<b><i>L</i></b><i>,</i> magenta). NCBE expression was found on calretinin-labeled dendrites (arrowheads) and somata (arrows) of amacrine cells in the retina. <b><i>M, N,</i></b> Calbindin-labeled horizontal cells (arrows) do not express NCBE, but calbindin-labeled somata (arrowheads) of amacrine cells do. All images represent projections (3 µm) of confocal stacks. Numbers 1–5 are labeling the IPL strata, scale bars (<i>A–H</i>) = 5 µm; (<i>I–M</i>) = 10 µm.</p>