Myogenic differentiation on laminin matrix and L-type Calcium ion channel subunits analysis.

(A) Phase contrast images of laminin cells: presence of some binucleated cells. Scale bar = 25 µm. (B) Immunofluorescence analysis confirmed the presence of a few binucleated structures positive for desmin, SA, myogenin in BM-hMSC cultured on laminin cells. Scale bar = 25 µm. (C) Original gels demonstrating amplification of calcium ion channel subunit transcripts in laminin cells: –RT: control of reverse transcription without RT enzyme; C−: negative control, water; C+: positive control, HSMM; line 1: control wBM-hMSCs; line 2: laminin cells cultured in DMEM-F12 supplemented with 15% FBS; line 3: laminin cells induced to myogenic differentiation with EGF for 7 days.