Mycorrhizal dependency index (A) for <i>K. striata</i> or <i>S. canadensis</i>, and mycorrhizally enhanced <sup>15</sup>N in shoot biomass (B) as affected by the five AMF species in experiment 3.

<p>Note that the <sup>15</sup>N was added to the compartment without roots and presumably entered the plant via AMF hyphae. Mycorrhizal dependency index = (B<sub>AMF</sub>−B<sub>non-AMF</sub>)/B<sub>AMF</sub>, where B<sub>AMF</sub> is biomass of the plants in mycorrhizal inoculation treatment and B<sub>non-AMF</sub> is biomass of the control plants. Values are means ± standard error. For each host plant in (<b>B</b>), means with different letters are significantly different at the 5% level.</p>