Muscimol-inactivation of the left hemisphere reduced ipsilateral eye-evoked activity in the right V1 of adult mice.

2014-08-26T07:23:50Z (GMT) by Susanne Dehmel Siegrid Löwel
<p>(A) Schematic diagram of ipsilateral and contralateral input pathways to the right non-injected V1, and the location of the muscimol-injection. For clarity, inputs to the left V1 are not shown. (B–E) V1-activation after ipsilateral and contralateral eye stimulation in the left (B, C) and right V1 (D, E), visualized by <i>in vivo</i> optical imaging of intrinsic signals before (black, left columns) and after injection of muscimol into the left hemisphere (red, right columns). Response magnitude maps (top rows) and polar maps of retinotopy (bottom rows) of a representative example illustrating both the blockade of activity in the muscimol-injected cortex (B,C) and weakening of ipsilateral, but not contralateral eye evoked activity in right V1 (D,E).</p>