Mouse transcripts most differentially dysregulated in the perifornical area of ataxin-3 transgenic animals versus control mice.

<p>The perifornical area of 30 wild type and 30 ataxin-3 transgenic mice lacking hypocretin cells were punched (see <a href="" target="_blank">Fig. S1</a>) and samples pooled to perform microarray experiments. <i>Hcrt</i>-ataxin-3 transgenic mouse dysregulated genes are listed by order of transcript abundance (fold change). Most transcripts were decreased in <i>Hcrt</i>-ataxin-3 mice, some of which are known to be colocalized with hypocretin (NPTX2, dynorphin). Note that IGFBP3, which was identified by expression profiling using human hypothalami, was also decreased in this experiment.</p>