Most parsimonious trees obtained from <i>Sclerotinia sclerotiorum MAT1-1-1, MAT1-1-5, MAT1-2-1</i> and <i>MAT1-2-4</i> single locus datasets (Alignments S6, S7, S8, S9).

<p>The trees were rooted with <i>B. cinerea</i> which is not shown, numbers refer to alignment positions. Nucleotide substitutions along the branches are given for <i>S. sclerotiorum</i>. Accession numbers are shown for all sequences following the strain identifiers, for <i>B. cinerea</i> the sequence accession numbers are BC1G_15148 (<i>MAT1-1-1</i>), BC1G_15147 (<i>MAT1-1-5</i>), FQ790352 (<i>MAT1-2-1</i>), FQ790352 (<i>MAT1-2-4</i>).</p>