Models of WT and mutants reveal differences in the interface between linker and TI loop.

<p>Representative snapshots showing the linker-TI loop interface of <i>(</i><b><i>A</i></b><i>)</i> the WT, <i>(</i><b><i>B</i></b><i>)</i> NEUT, <i>(</i><b><i>C</i></b><i>)</i> ALA, and <i>(</i><b><i>D</i></b><i>)</i> D400A model. For clarity, only K252, R253, Y255, D400X, E402X (X denotes the inserted mutation residue, Fig. 1C) and F401 are shown as indicated in ball-and-stick representation. Furthermore, the backbones of the linker and the TI loop are represented as blue and beige cartoon, respectively. For a better orientation, the membrane lipids are shown as cyan sticks. For the NEUT model, PI(4,5)P<sub>2</sub> molecules interacting with R253 are indicated, with C atoms in black.</p>