Models describing survival rates, population rates of change, capture rates and recapture rates of populations of <i>M. incanus</i> in two Atlantic forest landscapes with differing proportions of remaining forest (50% and 30%) in the Atlantic Plateau of São Paulo.

<p>In all models, capture rate (p) and recapture rate (c) are specific to the patch (pa) and the primary capture session (t). Survival (φ) and population rate of change (λ) are either considered constant (.), landscape-specific (ls), or patch-specific (pa). K is the number of parameters in the model; AIC<sub>c</sub> is the modified Akaike information criterion for small sample sizes; Δ<sub>i</sub> is the difference between the AIC<sub>c</sub> value of Model I<sub>i</sub> and the AIC<sub>c</sub> value of the most parsimonious model; ω<sub>i</sub> is the Akaike weight of Model I<sub>i</sub>; Dev is the deviance. Models are ranked by their AIC<sub>c</sub>-values.</p>