Mechanical and thermal sensitivity of <i>α</i>-GalA KO males.

<p>Basal sensitivity towards mechanical stimulation (latency time (A); applied force (B)). Comparison of the basal sensitivity of male <i>α</i>-GalA KO (n = 16) and relative WT (n = 28) in response to mechanical stimulation, <i>p<0.0001</i>. Basal sensitivity to hot and cold temperature stimuli in male <i>α</i>-GalA KO (n = 34) and relative WT (n = 32), <i>p<0.0001</i> as measured using the hot plate (C) and the acetone test (D) revealed the significant insensitivity of <i>α</i>-GalA KO (n = 19) males in comparison to their relative WT (n = 13), <i>p = 0.0008</i>. Basal insensitivity to noxious temperature of cold stimulus in male <i>α</i>-GalA KO (n = 7) and relative WT (n = 8), <i>p = 0.0466</i> as measured via cold plate assay (E). The data from plantar cold sensitivity assay confirmed the observed insensitivity of KO males (n = 10) to cold stimuli when compared to WT males (n = 10), <i>p = 0.0028</i> (F). Data are expressed as mean±SEM.</p>