Measurement of <i>Abies cephalonica</i> pollen.

<p><b>(a)</b> FTIR spectra obtained from different sampling techniques (from top downwards): transmission IR of KBr pellet, ATR-IR of intact and ground grains, IR microspectroscopy of multigrain (mg) and single grain (sg). <b>(b)</b> Raman spectra obtained from two different regions of a single grain: corpus and saccus regions. The marked signals are associated with the vibrational bands of (P) proteins, (L) lipids, (C) carbohydrates and (S) sporopollenins. <b>(c)</b> SEM image of pollen grains in various orientations: equatorial view (up left), distal polar view (up right) and proximal polar view (down left). <b>(d)</b> SEM image of pollen grain in equatorial view, with saccus (up, two hemispherical substructures) and corpus regions (down, large hemispherical substructure).</p>