Manganese exposure results in decreased protein synthesis in Vero cells.

<p>Percent protein synthesis of Vero cells incubated in the presence of various concentrations of MnCl<sub>2</sub> for 4 hours followed by an additional 4 hour incubation at half of the MnCl<sub>2</sub> concentration. One hundred percent protein synthesis was determined from Vero cells incubated in the absence of any exogenous MnCl<sub>2</sub>. All points were assayed in triplicate and error bars indicate standard deviation. Two-tailed Student’s <i>t</i> test was used to assess statistical significance when compared to the no manganese control (* <i>P</i><0.05, ** <i>P</i><0.005, *** <i>P</i><0.0005).</p>