MMP1 metalloproteinase partly mimics the LIF effect.

<p>Cells were depleted from LIF for the indicated time and induced with 100 ng/mL of purified MMP1 as indicated. After 4 days, expression of the selected genes (A) <i>Master</i> genes, (B) <i>Pluri</i> genes and (C) <i>Diff</i> genes was analyzed by RT-qPCR. Graphs represent the average level of expression and SEM as depicted in <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 2</a>. One sample t-test was performed for each condition <i>versus</i> the +LIF sample: *p-value<0.05; **p-value<0.01, ***p-value<0.001; if not stated: not significant.</p>