MMC aggregation at <i>Lm</i> foci is mediated by directed motility.

<p>LysM-EGFP cells were tracked moving from the periphery of <i>Lm</i> foci at 48 hours p.i. A. Images from intravital time-series with tracks of LysM-EGFP<sup>+</sup> cell movement. Scale bar = 100 µm. B. Movement relative to the center of the imaging field (Δ to center/time, µm/min, No Inf.) or to the center of <i>Lm</i> foci (Δ to foci/time, µm/min, 48H p.i.) is plotted relative to the mean speed (µm/min) for each cell. Linear regression (red line) is shown. The slope is significantly non-zero (p<0.0001) at 48 hours p.i. C. Frequency distribution of Psi angles (Ψ, degrees). Psi is the angle between a cell trajectory and the foci center (or image center in uninfected mice). At 48 hours p.i., Psi angles are significantly lower (p<0.0001). D. Frequency (%) of Turning Angles (degrees) of LysM-EGFP<sup>+</sup> cells. The difference is not significant (p = 0.88). E. Frequency (%) of the mean speed per cell. The difference is significant (p<0.0001). Data is pooled from 3 mice per group. No infection, n = 863; 48 hours p.i., n = 1217.</p>