MICA expression in intestinal mucosa of CD patients.

<p><b>A.</b>- Representative immunoperoxidase staining of MICA/B in intestinal biopsy sections from pediatric CD patients with different degrees of lesion (mild, moderate and severe enteropathy; magnification 20×). <b>B.</b>- Immunohistochemical analysis for MICA/B expression in sections of intestinal biopsies from 27 pediatric patients. An arbitrary score of intensity of staining was used (from 0 to 4). The IC control antibody was defined as score zero. Each dot corresponds to the score obtained for each sample. * <i>p</i>≤0,05; ** <i>p</i>≤0,01 (Non parametric Kruskal wallis test followed by the Dunns multiple-comparison posttest).<b>C.</b>- Pattern of MICA/B expression along the epithelium on a mild enteropathy sample. Isotype Control (IC) is shown (magnification 40×).</p>