Lung wet/dry ratio after hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation (HSR).

Lungs from the HSR group rats treated with or without biliverdin (BV) were excised 12 h after resuscitation and lung wet/dry ratio was measured. Data are presented as means ± standard deviation (n = 5 per group). Statistical analysis was performed using analysis of variance followed by Tukey-Kramer honestly significant difference test. * p<0.05 vs. vehicle/sham; ?p<0.05 vs. BV/sham; #p<0.05 vs. vehicle/HSR. Vehicle/sham, vehicle-administered animals subjected to sham surgery; BV/sham, BV-administered animals subjected to sham surgery; vehicle/HSR, vehicle-administered animals subjected to sham; BV/HSR, BV-administered animals subjected to sham.