Lipid compositions for all the bilayers<sup>a</sup> used in the present work.

a<p>The subscripts “MD” refer to the systems studied only by regular (unbiased) molecular dynamics simulations, thus they were not used in free energy calculations. The subscripts “FE” refer to the systems used for free energy calculations. L<sub>o</sub> and L<sub>d</sub> stand for liquid-ordered and liquid-disordered phases, respectively.</p>b<p>Area per lipid calculated by dividing the time averaged total area of each simulation system by the number of lipids per leaflet.</p><p>The numbers of each lipid in a given system, the phase, and the area per lipid are indicated.</p><p>Lipid compositions for all the bilayers<sup><a href="" target="_blank">a</a></sup> used in the present work.</p>