Light production in E. coli by NTR-mediated uncaging of NCL.

<p>(A). Light output from NCL (300 μM) after 2 h incubation in luciferase-expressing E. coli (+ luc gene) is significantly higher than in NTR mutant (NTR KO luc+) (*P < 0.001) and in wild type (- luc gene). The dashed line indicates the background. (B). Overlay of a photographic image and bioluminescence from the assay described. (C). Bioluminescence from 100 μM NCL probe and luciferin incubated with various concentrations of luciferase expressing <i>E</i>.<i>coli</i> AB1157 (10<sup>2</sup>–10<sup>8</sup> bacteria mL<sup>-1</sup>) for 10 min before imaging. (D). Bioluminescence from luciferase expressing <i>E</i>.<i>coli luc+</i> (10<sup>8</sup> bacteria mL<sup>-1</sup>) incubated with various concentrations of NCL or luciferin (1–250 μM) for 10 min before imaging.</p>