Levels of transcript abundance from genes involved in quinate metabolism.

<p><b>A</b>. Heatmap showing levels of transcript abundance during time course of appressorium development. Levels of expression are represented as moderated log<sub>2</sub> ratio of transcript abundance as compared to mycelium grown in complete medium. Values are from 4 h (T4) to 16 h (T16) after conidia were incubated on a hydrophobic surface. Genes showing similar patterns of gene expression have been clustered. Homologues of genes involved in quinate metabolism in <i>Neurospora crassa</i> are labelled: quinate activator (qa-1F), quinate repressor (qa-1S), 3-dehydroquinase (qa-2), Quinate dehydrogenase (qa-3), 3-dehydroshikimate dehydratase (qa-4), function unknown (qa-x), quinate permeases (QP), shikimate pathway (S). <b>B</b>. Expression of genes involved in quinate metabolism. For each enzyme, bar graphs show abundance of transcripts encoding the gene in: Guy11 mycelium grown in complete medium (green bar), Δ<i>pmk1</i> mutant conidia left to germinate for 4 h (red bar), a Guy11 time course of appressorium development (4 h, 6 h, 8 h, 14 h, 16 h – black bars left to right).</p>