Left quadratojugal and quadrate of <i>Acrocanthosaurus atokensis</i> (NCSM 14345).

2011-03-21T00:15:56Z (GMT) by Drew R. Eddy Julia A. Clarke
<p>Quadratojugal and quadrate in (A) lateral, (B) posterior, and (C) medial views. Hatched lines represent missing material. <b>j</b>, jugal contact; <b>lc</b>, lateral condyle of quadrate; <b>ltf</b>, lateral temporal fenestra; <b>mc</b>, medial condyle of quadrate; <b>mpr</b>, medial pneumatic recess of quadrate; <b>ppr</b>, posterior pneumatic recess of quadrate; <b>pt</b>, pterygoid contact; <b>Q</b>, quadrate; <b>qc</b>, quadrate cotylus; <b>QJ</b>, quadratojugal; <b>quf</b>, quadrate foramen; <b>sq</b>, squamosal contact.</p>