Latently-infected neurons expresses MCMV early 1 (E1, m112–113), but not immediate early 1 (IE1) antigen.

<p>Coronal murine brain sections were prepared and stained for viral proteins at indicated time points. <b>A</b>. Detection of MCMV IE1 and <b>B</b>. E1antigens in wild-type mice during acute infection (5 d p.i.), lower magnifications (20×) demonstrate that MCMV is localized to cells surrounding the ventricles. <b>C–F</b>. Tissue slices from infected brains were stained with an antibody to MCMV E1 during chronic infection (30 d p.i.). Cells positive for E1 antigen in the cortex and hippocampus of wild-type (<b>C</b>), as well as B-cell-deficient (Jh<sup>−/−</sup>) animals (<b>D, E and F</b>), are shown. Micrographs at higher magnification (40×) demonstrate the neuronal morphology of infected cells.</p>