LNA-based antagomiR-22 increased parathymosin 3′UTR reporter activity in a hepatoma cell line Q7 by knockdown endogenous miR-22.

(A) The reporter assay was conducted by co-transfection of DsRED-parathymosin 3′UTR with LNA-antagomiR-22 in Q7 cells using Lipofectamine 2000. Reporter activity was significantly increased when 100 pmol of LNA-anti-miR-22 was used. (B) Different concentrations of LNA-antagomiR-22 were used to knockdown the endogenous miR-22 expression level, which was measured by stem-loop real-time PCR. (***, p<0.001) (C) Parathymosin mRNA was increased significantly by stem-loop real-time PCR, when transdifferentiated AR42J-B13 cells were treated with LNA-anti-miR-22. (*, p<0.5).