LDLR mRNA and protein are upregulated in H4-APP cells compared to H4 controls.

<p>(A) RT-PCR quantification of LDLR mRNA expression level in H4 and H4-APP cells (n = 3; *<i>p</i> = 0.04). LDLR threshold cycle values were normalized to GAPDH. (B) Western blot for LDLR in whole-cell lysates from H4 and H4-APP cells. Lane 1 contains liver whole-cell lysate from a NTG mouse. (C) Quantification of western blot (n = 3; *<i>p</i> = 0.01). All bands for LDLR were quantified and their values shown in this graph. The LDLR band densities were normalized to the actin band in each lane. RT-PCR and western blot experiments were conducted in triplicate.</p>