Knockdown of JARID2 antagonized TGF-ß-induced morphological changes of HT29 cells.

(A) Cell morphological changes of HT29 cells after TGF-ß treatment. HT29 cells were infected with retroviruses expressing control shRNA or JARID2 shRNA (described as JARID2 KD) without or with the treatment of 5 ng/ml of TGF-ß for 72 hours. (B) Immunofluorescence images of cells showing the localization of E-cadherin. The panels of HT29 cells with the same arrangement with (A) were stained with anti-E-cadherin antibody and with DAPI. (C) Fluorescence images of cells showing reorganization of actin cytoskeleton by staining with TRITC-phalloidin (Actin) and with DAPI. Scale bars: 20 µm.