Knockdown of <i>Bbs9</i> affects ciliogenesis in IMCD3 cells.

<p>(<b>A</b>) <i>Bbs8</i> and <i>Bbs9</i> shRNA transfection in IMCD3 cells. The top row shows eGFP control transfection, whereas middle and bottom rows represent eGFP co-transfected with shRNA against <i>Bbs9</i> or <i>Bbs8</i>, respectively. The nuclei are visualized with DAPI (blue). Transfection is visualized with eGFP (green). Cilia are visualized with both anti-alpha-tubulin and gamma-tubulin (red). shRNA transfected cells (green) have no cilia (red) - highlighted with yellow circle (broken). In the top control panel, eGFP alone-transfected cell shows a cilium (highlighted with yellow arrows). Images are taken at 60× magnification. (<b>B</b>) The quantification of cilia length after <i>Bbs8</i> and <i>Bbs9</i> shRNA transfection in IMCD3 cells (obtained from <b>A</b>). The X and Y axes respectively show transfection category and length (micrometer) of cilia in eGFP transfected cells per seven fields. Data are presented as mean ± SEM, and statistical significance is indicated with p values.</p>