Knock-down of α2 and α3 integrin subunits by siRNA affects pancreatic cell adhesion to Netrin-4 and expression of islet-specific differentiation gene expression.

(A) Western blot analysis of pancreatic cells transfected with siRNA specific for α2 and α3 integrin subunits effectively knocked-down α2 and α3 protein expression. Down-regulation of α2 and α3 integrin subunits in pancreatic cells resulted in a significant reduction of adhesion to Collagen IV (B) Laminin-5 (C), and to Netrin-4 (D), as well as a decrease in glucagon and/or insulin gene expression when cultured overnight on Netrin-4 (E). Data presented are representative of three independent experiments. Data presented in B, C and D are representative of n = 3, *p<0.001 and **p<0.01 as determined by ANOVA followed by post-test Bonferroni's multiple comparison test.