Investigating the role of the MNV 18S rRNA complementary region (Motif 1) in termination-reinitiation.

<p>A) Comparison of part of the sequence of helix 26 of 18S rRNA and the complementary sequence present upstream of the termination-reinitiation site of MNV. Contiguous nucleotides complementary to the 18S rRNA are shown in <i>italics</i>. Putative mRNA-rRNA base pairing is marked, with the mRNA bases numbered relative to the stop codon of rlucVP1. The sequence of the two constructs generated to address the role of the complementary region is also shown, with changes in bold and underlined. B) Plasmids were linearised, transcribed, translated and analysed according to the legend of <a href="" target="_blank">Figure 1</a>. Lanes are labelled with the last two letters of each reporter plasmid name.</p>