Inhibitory activity of tenofovir, adefovir, and PMEO-DAPym against HSV-2 in primary M/M cultures as determined with the CPE reduction assay and the PFU reduction assay.

<p>Virus production was evaluated on day 6 post infection. Infectious HSV-2 (G) was quantified in the supernatants of drug-treated virus-infected cell cultures by titration in Vero cell cultures using the CPE reduction assay (TCID<sub>50</sub>/ml). The inhibition of viral replication was expressed in percentages and calculated with respect to the virus production in infected untreated macrophages. The inhibition of cytopathicity by the drugs was evaluated from microscopic inspection and was in agreement with the dose-dependent reduction of virus production. The data shown are from one representative experiment that was independently repeated three times.</p>