Inhibition of HDV infection by suramin, PPADS and BBG.

2013-02-20T21:48:18Z (GMT) by John M. Taylor Ziying Han
<p>PHH were exposed to HDV in HGM for 3 h. From −1 to +3 h the inhibitors were also present, at the concentrations indicated. At +3 h both inhibitors and virus were removed and replaced by media containing preS1 peptide (50 nM) for the next 16 h, after which the cells were incubated in HGM out to 6 days, at which time total RNA was extracted and assayed by qPCR for HDV antigenomic RNA. As described in <a href="" target="_blank">Methods</a>, the mean values obtained are expressed relative to untreated control cultures. Error bars represent calculated standard error of the mean.</p>