Inflammatory cytokines and cells in the spinal cord of EAE and EAE +PTx icv mice (n = 6/group).

<p>IL-17<sup>+</sup>/CD4<sup>+</sup> cells were detected in the meninges of the spinal cord in the EAE +PTx icv mice (A–C), whereas these cells were diffusely identified in the spinal parenchyma in the EAE mice (D–F). Original magnification ×400. The western blot depicts measures of IL-17 (G), IL-6 (H) and TGF-β (I). In the spinal cord, elevated levels of all three were identified in the EAE mice relative to the EAE +PTx icv mice. Statistical evaluation of optic density (OD) normalized to β-actin was obtained. Mean ± SD are depicted (n = 6 per group). *P<0.05, compared with normal control group; #P<0.05, compared with EAE group.</p>