Induction of cardiac hypertrophy by chronic β-adrenergic stimulation.

<p>(A) Two weeks of chronic ISO infusion significantly increased the heart weight to tibia length-ratio in WT and CYP2J2-TG mice (n = 7 per group) compared with the vehicle controls (n = 7 and 5). The hypertrophic response was not different in CYP2J2-TG compared to WT mice. (B) Systolic function was not significantly altered upon chronic ISO infusion as indicated by preserved EF values compared to the respective vehicle controls. EF was slightly but significantly higher in CYP2J2-TG than WT mice two weeks after chronic ISO stimulation. Results represent mean±SEM; ANOVA, Post-Hoc Tukey; *p<0.05 vs. WT+Vehicle; †p<0.05 vs. CYP+Vehicle; <sup>‡</sup>p<0.05 vs. WT+ISO.</p>