Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios of including pre-adolescent boys in the childhood vaccination program compared to vaccination of pre-adolescent girls only.

a<p>Assumes a cost per dose of $75, exclusive of the administration cost (≈$14 per dose).</p>b<p>Compared to no vaccination.</p>c<p>Compared to girls-only vaccination.</p>d<p>Includes female cervical, vulvar, vaginal, anal and oropharyngeal cancers,</p>e<p>Includes male anal, oropharyngeal and penile cancers,</p>f<p>Includes cervical, vulvar, vaginal, anal, oropharyngeal and penile cancers related to HPV-16, -18, and genital warts and recurrent respiratory papillomatosis related to HPV-6, -11.</p>