<i>In vivo</i> efficacy of sEphB4-HSA combined with Bevacizumab.

<p>A, 5637 tumors were treated with sEphB4-HSA alone (20 mg/kg, 3 times a week), Bevacizamab alone (20 mg/kg, 3 times a week), or sEphB4-HSA combined with Bevacizamab. PBS was used as control. Data are presented as mean ± standard deviation. Student <i>t</i>-test (2 tails, unpaired) was used to calculate P value: *, P<0.05; **, P<0.01. B, tumors harvested from the xenograft study were lysed for EphB4 immunoprecipitation, followed by immunoblotting using EphB4 and phopho-tyrosine antibodies. sEphB4-HSA treatment significantly reduced EphB4 tyrosine phosphorylation <i>in vivo</i>.</p>