In vitro anti-fungal activity of rhPGLYRP-2.

<p><i>C</i>. <i>albicans</i> (1×10<sup>4</sup> CFU) in 400 μL PBS were incubated without or with rhPGLYRP-2 in different concentration (1, 10 or 100 μg/ml) at 37°C for different time periods, 2h (A), 6h (B) and 24h (C). At the end of incubation, the samples were subjected to fungal culture and plate-colony counting. Results were presented as colony-forming units (CFU) of <i>C</i>. <i>albicans</i> (mean± SD) in cultures with different concentrations of rhPGLYRP-2. Each symbol represents an individual sample, and data are representative of three independent experiments.*<i>p</i><0.05.</p>